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Here at Scrap Metal Toronto, a division of Tal Metal Recycling Inc., we specialize in purchasing, processing and distributing non-ferrous scrap metal to clients from coast to coast, as well as internationally. We continue to expand and grow our network, while maintaining the highest level of customer service and dependability that we have become known for in the industry. With our home base being located in Concord, Ontario, we can easily accommodate any needs related to scrap metal in Brampton.

Our company is a family owned business that started with a focus on aluminum recycling, but has since broadened our scope to recycling all non-ferrous type metals.  For a complete list of metals that we accept please see our ‘about us’ page.

We are passionate about recycling, and we continue to set the standard as respected leaders in the industry of metal recycling. We take pride in the advancements our industry makes to further the movement towards using less of our world’s raw resources in support of reusing materials that are already available in massive quantity. We are continuously figuring out more efficient ways of collecting and then distributing recyclable metals to the steel mills and foundries where they are transformed for use in a myriad of new products.

We are driven by our goal to reduce waste by assisting people in the recycling process of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Rather than having these useful materials thrown into landfills, we can direct them elsewhere to be reused in a manner that is beneficial for the economy and the environment. Items such as old machinery, vehicles, home appliances, scrap from demolished buildings, and many other things can be shredded, crushed, cut, sorted, melted and reused to make a variety of new products. As compared to manufacturing metal products from scratch, recycling metal saves on energy and resources, decreasing the rate at which our planet’s raw resources are being depleted.

We take great care in the way that we manage our business, Rolex Replica Watches from collection of scrap metals to the distribution locally and across the globe. Our workplace health and safety policy diligently upholds rules and regulations to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, customers and suppliers. Prevention of accidents and injuries at any stage of the recycling process is a responsibility we take very seriously and hold high on our priority list. We also place high priority on being environmentally conscious. The recycling business is an eco-industry in itself,  so supporting ‘Going Green’ practices within our facility is a part of the effort we make to care for the environment.

We are here to make the recycling process a seamless experience through each phase of buying, processing, and distributing. Although our business extends from coast to coast and international locations as well, we are always proud to work with our local clients. We welcome your business regarding scrap metal in Brampton, and are happy to offer our expertise in any way that can assist you with your metal recycling needs.

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