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At Scrap Metal Toronto, health and safety in the workplace is more than just a list of rules and regulations. We take it all very seriously, and it’s our stated corporate policy to provide the safest, healthiest working environment for everyone under our roof. That includes employees, customers and suppliers alike. In this regard, our efforts are focused on preventing accidents, and fully protecting everyone from injury. And throughout our metal recycling operation, we endeavour to safeguard the health and safety of each person who enters our facility.

We are also fully committed to the industry standards and guidelines that are outlined by the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The main principle of the OHSA is that all workers have the right to return home every day safe and sound – and we couldn’t agree more. To this end, the prevention of work-related injury (and illness) is the most important factor in our workplace. We promote many of the OHSA programs (like “Safe At Work Ontario”), and we use those programs as a means to improve and advance our own strategies in protecting the health and safety of our workers.

Scrap Metal Toronto takes great pride in an accident-free/injury-free history - we work at it, and we get results. Our philosophy is to take each day one safe step at a time. And by following and complying with the rules and regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, our impressive health and safety history remains intact. For us, there are no exceptions – the well being of our company staff, valued contractors and visitors is of paramount importance. And to assure that we maintain our high standard of health and safety, we have implemented a comprehensive health and safety corporate policy that is endorsed by our Board of Directors.

Health and safety in the workplace clearly benefits everyone. We closely monitor incidents and occurrences, regardless of scope, and make certain to create an accurate record in our system. This policy is, of course, for everyone’s protection, but also allows us to examine the cause and origin of an incident and apply a preventive strategy going forward. But let’s not forget that health and safety must be a shared responsibility: workers must be fully engaged on a daily basis in everything they do; operational managers must always be conscious and aware of the potential for risk; and health/safety training must be present and on going. From a corporate perspective, we’re always reviewing our practices and making adjustments and improvements along the way.

As our business grows at Scrap Metal Balenciaga Replica Handbags Toronto, so does our attentiveness to health and safety. And with our international presence, we are sensitive to international guidelines for health and safety in the workplace - especially because we deal with metal impurities, hazardous materials, and dangerous substances. For our workers, the basics are obvious, and wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) is only the start. For the company, oversight of the “big picture” is vital; after all, metal recycling involves huge machinery, the exchange of chemical compounds and the production of noxious fumes.

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