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Welcome to
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Scrap Metal Toronto www.pradareplicabags.com is a division of Tal Metal, a well established metal recycling business, based in Concord, Ontario.  We specialize in buying, processing and distributing
non-ferrous scrap Replica Handbags metals. Our metal recycling and distribution services are available to industrial consumers.  We buy and sell non-ferrous metals within Canada, and are equally engaged on a global basis.  Scrap Metal Toronto has been in operation for eleven years, and has been expanding continuously over the years.


Why Choose Us?

Quite simply, you’ll like our way of thinking!  We see ourselves as a GLOCAL company  -  we are both local and global.  While we serve clients from coast to coast, we also buy and sell internationally, servicing our clients and consumers through our advanced and sophisticated online presence.
At Scrap Metal Toronto, our priorities are three-fold:  reliable, dependable service;  commit-ment to our customers;  and superior distribution systems.  We want to create a value and
benefit relationship with each customer, which in turn translates into long term business for everyone. To be sure, environmental awareness is also one of our premier concerns.  We are currently GOING GREEN in an effort to be conscious about the environment.


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