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Scrap Metal in Scarborough

At Scrap Metal Toronto, we understand the metal recycling business - we know what the local recycling market needs and we know what’s in demand. Our on-line network keeps us fully up-to-date with market dynamics (local and international) and fluctuations in metal prices.   

Purchasing, Processing & Distributing Scrap Metal in Scarborough

Scrap Metal Toronto is a division of Tal Metal Recycling Inc., specializing in purchasing, processing and distributing ferrous and non-ferrous metal coast to coast and internationally. With our head office located in Concord, Ontario, we are conveniently close to any client needing assistance with scrap metal in Scarborough.

Our family owned business started as an aluminum recycling company, but we have expanded our services to recycling all non-ferrous type metals as well. You can find a list of all the different metals that we now accept on our ‘about us’ page.

Our passion for the metal recycling industry is the fuel that drives us to maintain the highest standard in business practices and customer service. Our network continues to grow and develop, in large part due to our reputation for unsurpassed customer service, reliability, and seamless distribution practices.

We recylce a variety of non-ferrous scrap metals in Scarborough

When it comes to scrap metal recycling in Scarborough, Scrap Metal Toronto specializes in a wide range of non-ferrous scrap metals, including aluminum, bronze, tin, nickel, zinc, silver, gold, brass and copper. Everything is separated and organized based on the specific needs of the market.

In dealing with scrap metal recycling in Scarborough, we constantly monitor supply and demand, thus ensuring the best prices for high quality scrap materials. Scrap Metal Toronto offers a total business solution – managing collection, providing transportation, and paying competitively.

For scrap metal recycling in Scarborough, local customers can rely on Scrap Metal Toronto for superb service from an expert team of professionals, with decades of scrap metal experience.

Scrap Copper

Copper is probably the most common metal in use – it’s in electronics, plumbing, and appliances. As such, high volumes of scrap copper are found everywhere. Scrap copper prices fluctuate with the market, but are highly dependent on quality. Solid copper is most desirable; electric motors are also in demand; and finally quality copper wire. Scrap Metal Toronto can advise on the most in-demand scrap material, whether it’s copper transformers, copper piping, or copper wiring.

Scrap Brass

Because brass metal is an alloy, it has some unique properties. It’s accessible from many different sources, including locks, doorknobs, gears, and valves. Scrap brass prices are generally based on weight, but the quality of the material will have a great bearing. The less work that Scrap Metal Toronto has to do to in order to separate contaminants, the better the price received. Pricing for scrap brass basically fluctuates with world markets, and therefore influences the local market.

Scrap Wire

When properly prepared, miscellaneous scrap wire is an integral part of scrap metal recycling in Scarborough. However, the preparation of the scrap materials is key - stripping scrap wire properly is essential to exposing the most valuable metals. For instance, copper and aluminum wire are more valuable when well separated than in bulk. Here again, market dynamics dictate the price, but properly separated and prepared scrap wire definitely delivers a better price.

Scrap Aluminum

Scrap aluminum can be quite profitable for a collector, but it’s important to understand the differences in materials. Solid aluminum car rims, for example, are going to bring a better price than a bunch of aluminum siding. Weight is also a consideration, as it may be more profitable to collect aluminum screen doors and windows than a huge amount of aluminum drink cans. In addition, homebuilders, electricians, and plumbers are an excellent source of scrap aluminum.

www.hellorolexdealer.me For scrap metal recycling in Scarborough, it may be of benefit (and profitable) to deal with recycling experts like Scrap Metal Toronto. Offering a streamlined process of collection and transport, it’s an efficient way to deal with scrap metal, while generating the best dollar return.

Scrap metal recylcing helps the economy and the envionrment

Our industry is instrumental in promoting change from depleting raw materials in favor of reusing materials that are abundantly available. Every time we distribute scrap metal to the steel mills and foundries, it is considered a success for us to know that our efforts contribute to the greater good of our economy and our planet. It is an ongoing process for our company to maintain efficiency when collecting and distributing recyclable metals. We strive to conduct our business in a manner that promotes economic and environmental best practices.

Scrap Metal Toronto/Tal Metal Recycling Inc. are driven to reduce waste through the recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. These useful materials which are too often disposed of in landfills, can be directed elsewhere and reused in ways that are more beneficial to the economy and the environment. An exhaustive array of items like metal machinery, all sorts of vehicles, many home appliances, tons of scrap from demolished buildings, and many other things can be crushed, cut down to size, sorted by type, melted down and reused to make a diverse range of new products. Recycling metal goes a long way when it comes to saving on energy and resources. The recycling system greatly decreases the rate at which our natural raw resources are being used, when compared to what it take to manufacture metal products from scratch.

Starting with the collection of scrap metals, all the way up to the distribution process, be it local or global, we are attentive to each detail of how our business is handled. We diligently regulate our workplace health and safety policy, implementing sound rules and regulations that support a safe and healthy working environment. Preventing accidents or injuries to our employees, customers and suppliers at any stage of the recycling process is something we maintain high on our priority list. Another important company value that we promote is being environmentally conscious; the recycling industry as a whole is a key part of the eco-friendly "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" program. ‘Going-Green’ is a simple practice that we exercise in our facility as just another way that we can do our part to take care of the environment.

Whatever your needs may be related to scrap metal in Scarborough, contact us now to find out how we can help. Let us make the process a smooth and easy experience.

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