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Metal Recycling

Scrap Metal Toronto has the recycling market covered from end to end – we know what the market needs in terms of scrap materials, and we know where to source consistent, reliable volumes of scrap. We are constantly buying and selling, and always offering the most competitive prices in the industry. Whether its scrap copper, aluminum recycling, scrap metal, or anything else, we carry a steady supply of inventory, and rely on a sound network of suppliers to keep the momentum going. How do we do it? First of all, we’re efficient: we make use of computerized systems to manage and monitor, and we employ leading edge technologies to process and produce. Secondly, we’re competent: we have a team of professionals who know the industry inside out, and who understand the needs of customers and clients alike.

Our business is truly a business based on supply and demand. The marketplace is always very competitive, and prices are influenced by the same set of variables as all the other commodities – in other words, world markets affect us regionally and locally. At Scrap Metal Toronto, our scrap inventory is methodically catalogued for easy accessibility, and we warehouse in highly secure storage spaces. Our logistics are impeccable - we ensure precise and punctual deliveries whether we’re shipping locally, across Canada, or globally. And there’s not much we don’t buy, process, or distribute - scrap copper, aluminum recycling, scrap metal, in all grades, all volumes, and all sizes.

Scrap Metal Toronto engages with clients and customers in an effort to meet their unique and specific needs. We therefore tailor our service approach to each company, and adapt accordingly, based on the size and scope of the business. We don’t compromise on product quality, regardless of the size or amount of scrap involved. And we maintain computerized online networks to keep us abreast of the needs of our local, regional and international suppliers and customers. We’re in business not only to buy and sell, but also to manage all of our clients’ recycling requirements, whether it’s scrap copper, aluminum recycling, scrap metal, or any of the other non-ferrous metals.

With a high standard of customer service, competitive pricing, and efficient logistics, Scrap Metal Toronto also provides clients with practical and viable solutions for their scrap metal concerns. We can offer explanations and clarifications on the dynamics of the marketplace; on future trends; and on pricing (both short and long term). We endeavor to operate as partners, and seek to establish long lasting business relationships that will endure. And with our focus on scrap copper, aluminum recycling, scrap metal, and other metals, we never lose sight of our number one priority – the quality of our product.

Beyond customer satisfaction, Scrap Metal Toronto promotes health and safety for both clients and employees, and we are ever aware of the environment. By Going Green, we want to reduce the pollution and waste that we generate; endorse the re-use of metals, rather than disposal and dumping; and make an energetic effort to save energy.

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