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Scrap Brass

Interestingly, most scrap metal dealers in Canada will tell you that they pay top dollar per pound for scrap brass. They are obviously promoting themselves, and they obviously want your metal scrap – but in reality, “top dollar” pricing is more a function of quality and purity than competition amongst dealers. And if you’re collecting scrap brass as a business venture, then you’re probably less concerned about raw materials, the environment, and pollution, and more concerned about making a good buck.

Scrap brass, or for that matter any scrap metal, commands the best price when it’s properly sorted and prepared to ensure the best quality – and that includes removal of contaminants. The better the purity, the better the price. And like all metals, brass prices vary, sometimes daily, according to the metal markets, and according to local demands. Your priority is to know what is going on in the market, and what prices are being paid (you will also be in an advantageous position when you compare prices between dealers).

Having a good relationship with a scrap metal dealer has many advantages. They will let you know how to prepare the scrap brass in order to receive the best price; they will have valuable data with respect to current (and future) pricing trends; and they may even have pickup and delivery services that will help your bottom line. In general, they want a good rapport with their suppliers; after all, they require a steady source of quality scrap from a network of reliable suppliers. And that’s what you’re there for.

Because brass is an alloy (copper/zinc) there are different varieties of brass, each with unique properties. It means that scrap brass also has unique properties, and it’s important to know and understand the material you are working with. Locks, gears, doorknobs, and valves are just a few examples of brass content, but in the end, the price you get is based on weight, and the quality of the scrap. The less work your scrap dealer has to do to get rid of contaminants, the more money you’ll put in your pocket.

Market prices for scrap brass are no secret – everything is accessible on the internet 24/7, and the info is as valuable to you as you make it: you’ll learn when the price is good (and bad); you’ll know what your timing should be in terms of collecting and preparing; and you’ll be knowledgeable enough to make comparisons amongst the dealers. If your dealer offers you free pickup, that’s an added benefit to your bottom line. Indeed, a positive working relationship with a preferred scrap dealer is always in your best interest.

Market pricing for scrap brass will fluctuate according to world markets, and will in turn be influenced by local markets. Keeping abreast of the up and down pricing will maximize your bottom line. Making sure that your scrap is clean and pure will also enhance your price. And finally, being a responsible, reliable supplier to your dealer will make all the difference in maintaining a long-term business relationship.

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